22 Cents Sandal Wood Plantation 6.5 Lakhs Only In Prakasam District Near By Addanki

In Prakasam District Near By Addanki
For Sale ₹650,000 Rs - Farm Land
RH-5116-property 22 Cents

Karthika Vanam Sandal Wood Plantation

One Plot – Two Benefits

Benefit One –  Appreciation of your investment on plot Benefit

two –  When You Buy a Residential Plot, it Will be registered on your name and will take  by us on lease for Cultivation of Red & White Sandal Wood right from the Plantation of Sandal Wood Plants for Period of 12 Years. The Yield Will be Shared by You and Us (70:30).

Ready to Invest in Open plots/Forestry/Sandalwood/Horticultures. RealHome Properties real estate company offers 22 cents of land for Rs. 6,50,000/- and 100Sq Yards 1,50,000/-Only. Karthika Vanam -2 80 acres red sandal and white sandal farm land.

Best investment for your children bright future It is totally RED SANDAL and WHITE SANDAL PLANT Project. 80 acres red sandal and white sandal farm lands . “This Land Is Suitable For Red sandal and White Sandal Cultivation” by doing SOIL TEST. 22 cents units are available. For 22 cents 45 red sandle 45 white sandal wood trees will be planted. Location: In Prakasam District Near Addanki Town Vithalapuram Village With an industry experience of over 12years, RealHome Properties is the largest land owner in Vijayawada.

For more info: +91 9581932444 Follow us sales.realhome@gmail.com

Lacation : Prakasam District Near By Addanki  Near Veligonda Project

1 .22 Cents – 6,50.000 Rs Only

2. 45 White Sandal 45 Red Sandal

3. 100 Acer’s Mega Farm Land

4. Surrounding Compound Mesh Which is Fully Secured

5. C C Camera Maintenance

6. 12 Family’s Maintenance and Security Purpose

7. 24/7 Site Incharge Available

8.  Drip Irrigation and Water Facility

9. 70:30 Ratio Profits

10. 100  Percent Full and Safe Equal Returns for Every Plantation Plot

For More Details Plz Contact : 9581932444


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22 Cents  Sandal Wood Plantation 6.5 Lakhs Only In Prakasam District Near By Addanki
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